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Flashback: Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak predicted the future

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Did Mike Munchak have a session with Miss Cleo, or was he just that confident in his offensive line? This time last year, Munchak made some bold predictions, and a year later, it is clear he knew what he was talking about.

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For years, the offensive line was the Achilles heel of the Steelers team. Watching the pocket collapse immediately and Big Ben scrambling around the field was painful. Over and over and over and over again. Pre-Mike Munchak made watching the offensive line downright disturbing.

Almost exactly a year ago Mike Munchak was starting his first season as offensive line coach after spending his entire career (player and coach) with the Houston Oilers / Tennessee Titans, and a stint as the Titans head coach from 2011 to 2013. A former Pro Bowler, Munchak had experience as a player and an offensive line coach-- also with the Tians-- before bringing his talents to the Steelers.

Munchak made some bold predictions last June during OTAs, revealing through divine inspiration, or his consultation with the Psychic Friends Network, or perhaps just his confidence in his abilities and players, "I think you're going to see the best offensive line play, hopefully, that we have going forward for the next handful of years."

To date, his prophesy has been fulfilled.

Munchak 9:14, "And, lo! Out of the dark months of the offseason arrived the regular season. And with it, pockets that didn't collapse like diseased cattle in the drought-ridden fields. The lumbering leader known as Benjamin had time to observe, and contemplate, and maneuver, and not get brought down by the enemy. And, Hark! The run game thrived and the Black and Gold, glimmering on the fields of Heinz, burst through the gaps created by Munchak's men and acquired many yards on the ground, like lions traversing the plains. And, finally!, there was health! The joints of the men on the front lines were strong and their muscles did not rip."

In sum, yes. Munchak was right. It would be a good year for the offensive line, and since he predicted more such years to come, there is reason to stay optimistic and enthusiastic for this upcoming season. And all Steelers Nation said, "Amen".