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Steelers Minicamp Recap: Day 1

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After 10 sessions in shorts, the Steelers started three days of non-contact practice on the first day of minicamp today. From fights to comments from the head coach, there was a lot of news for an offseason day in the middle of June. Check out a video of minicamp, and find out which Steeler has the best Twitter handle of all his teammates.

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Day 1 of minicamp brought us a fistfight, comments from the head coach and Maurkice Pouncey, and a two-minute drill.


C Maurkice Pouncey and DE Clifton Geathers put the "contact" in "non-contact" with a fistfight that sparked a skirmish involving the entire offensive unit. Apparently, the offensive linemen did not appreciate the level of intensity the journeyman DE brought to the minicamp field.  Coach Mike Tomlin commented on the skirmish: "It's an opportunity to teach, more than anything, and that's the way that I'll approach it."

Tomlin reveals what he's looking for in new players

Mike Tomlin had some comments about the first day of minicamp, commenting on younger players. According to, Tomlin talked about the type of information he can get about the rookies from minicamp: "How they take in information, how they learn, how they communicate, and whether or not they're capable of learning from the mistakes or actions of others. There's a lot of information you can gain about a young man in this type of setting."

Center Pouncey doesn't need to be the center of attention

News about Pouncey didn't just involve his fight with Geathers, Pouncey gave a one-on-one interview to during which he talked about his role out of the limelight. He said, "Offensive linemen don't need that much credit. Ben, Le'Veon and AB can get it."  Despite the strong performance of the O-line, Pouncey also sees some room for improvement, saying, "We look back on it and we look at the things we could have done a lot better. It could have been a lot more productive, but we are glad about last year and hopefully we can build on it."

Two-minute drill time!

According to, the offense practiced the two-minute drill today. All was well until, bam!, an interception by CB William Gay WR Markus Wheaton took the blame, explaining, "It was all on me, though, something I gotta see that I didn't see. I know it now." That's the attitude Tomlin is looking for-- recognizing a mistake and learning from it.  Gay also weighed in: "We have some of the best in the world on offense. It's always a great honor to go against our offense and try to get better each and every day." Now's the time to make mistakes-- and correct them. And now is also the time for the secondary to get in some reps against one of the best offenses in the league.

Meanwhile on Twitter....

Vince Williams loves his job, and also has the best Twitter handle of all the Steelers with a riff on Caesar's famous words after his decisive victory at the Battle of Zella nearly 2000 years ago: VinnyVidiVici98

Le'Veon Bell posted a picture.

always enjoy workin with my brothers from another... #SteelersNation

And on YouTube....

Mark Kaboly posted a video of minicamp: