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Steelers OT Kelvin Beachum reaching out to fans this Father's Day

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Kelvin Beachum is the smallest left tackle in the NFL, but if you follow him on social media you see how big his heart is. Beachum is honoring fathers as Father's Day approaches, and is another reason why No. 68 is becoming a fan-favorite in Pittsburgh.

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Kelvin Beachum knows what it's like to be a sports fan. A diehard San Antonio Spurs fan, the Steelers left tackle joyfully celebrated last year, on Father's Day on social media, his favorite team winning the NBA championship.

This Father's Day, Beachum is back on social media, but he has an even better reason to rejoice on the day-for-dads. The former seventh-rounder is a first-time father (Beachum and his wife, Jessica, welcomed their first daughter, Kalena, last November) and he's asking his fans to celebrate the simple joys of their fatherhood with him.

On his Facebook page, Beachum posted his intention to honor his fans that are patriarchs of their own families all week long. By launching #KBsFatherAppreciation Week, No. 68 posted "whether building high chairs, coaching little league or laying in bed with toddler feet across your face, I know everyone has captured some real dad moments". Beachum further asked fans to "show me what moments I have to look forward to" by posting photos under the hash tag #RealDadMoments. He pledged to pick a random winner each day under a different hashtag category during Father's Day Week. The daily winner will be sent a Father's Day Prize Pack by Beachum. Kelvin also joked, "Plus, I want to share my thunder until Sunday when I win the #DadOfTheYear trophy lol".

The hashtag contest garnered nearly 100 entries. The pictures all shared one common denominator, the mutual love between man and his child was evident.

The Texas native was so encouraged by the response, that it continued with a new category recently...#FatherKnowsBest. Here, Beachum will take the best stories of what people's fathers have taught them and choose a random winner for another prize.

New categories will be released daily as Beachum continues to show fan appreciation.

The SMU product, who turned 25 last week, has shown a great affinity for helping his surrounding community and embracing fans since coming into the league. He is heavily involved with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, serves as a spokesman for the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Council Fuel Up to Play 60 Program and makes regular visits to children in the hospital.

Kelvin, who is very faith-driven and counts many spiritual advisors as father-figures, is also asking for people to nominate special pastors for a prize under #MVPPastor.

Recently, certain NFL players have been negatively portrayed in the news as murderers, abusers, thiefs, cheaters etc. But Beachum is making a point to philanthropically give back to his hometown and current sports hometown. As well as, give back to the fans who support him.

With gestures like this, Kelvin Beachum is not merely becoming a fan-favorite, he may just win the #CaringSteelerOfAGeneration trophy, with no "lol" attached.

Happy Father's Day, KB.