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Steelers minicamp: Day 2 Recap

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The Steelers completed their second day of mandatory minicamp practice on Wednesday. Though the players still weren't wearing pads, the event still generated news that included comments and perspectives from Heath Miller, Mike Tomlin, and Ike Taylor.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Though minicamp is far from real football, the abomination and desolation of the long NFL offseason makes even a few days of football in shorts exhilarating.  This isn't saying a lot.  The NFL could name the offseason Mordor, and it still wouldn't capture the glum barrenness fans experience while awaiting September 10.

So, wow!, I was super-excited about day two of minicamp, which brought some fresh interviews from players, pithy comments from coach Tomlin, and other football-related news.

Heath Miller: Leading by example

Lots of veteran players have been describing their brand of mentorship, and many rookies have shared their experience as mentees. Today, TE Heath Miller shared his approach, saying via, "Actions speak louder than words."  Miller leads by example. He also disclosed that "It makes you feel really old" when younger players like rookie TE Jesse James talk about watching Miller as a kid.

Mike Tomlin: "Another good day. More of the same."

Coach Mike Tomlin shared some brief thoughts with on the day's practice, making note of the players enthusiasm. Tomlin also stated his expectation that players to use the time before Latrobe to get in really good shape and explained the purpose of minicamp: "We're teaching. They're learning. They're working." The interview is worth checking out (via the link above) if you like to listen to Mike Tomlin be Mike Tomlin.

Ike Taylor: Back on the field as a coach

Ike Taylor talked about his experience coaching at minicamp. While there was one important similarity-- Coach Tomlin is still his boss-- the recently retired CB is "working from the bottom, trying to get to the top," according to his interview with He said he takes a lot of notes, listens, learns, and "once in a blue moon" puts his two cents in.

Le'Veon Bell: Valuable lesson from DeAngelo Williams

Star RB Le'Veon Bell admitted to Mark Kaboly of that he hadn't thought much about having a long career until DeAngelo Williams came to town. He said, "It never crossed my mind until we got DeAngelo. He's had a long and great career, and I realized I want to play for a long time, too."

And now for some tweets:

Several athletes shared pictures of themselves suited up in their uniforms.

It was also reported that Gerod "Ball Hawk" Holliman picked off Big Ben in practice today.

Le'Veon Bell's take on minicamp: Practice makes perfect.

And, finally, a glimpse of Jarvis Jones doing drills.