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Steelers Minicamp: Day 3 recap

The next time the Steelers take to the field, they will be wearing pads. Even though contact is prohibited at minicamp, the players still put in important work.

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Today marked the last day of "football in shorts" for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The next time we do a recap of training activities, the Steelers will have their pads back on and will be practicing real football.  Players expressed excitement about the impending arrival of real football. TE Will Johnson said to, "It's always exciting when you are able to put the pads back on and play real football again."

The players will not be enjoying leisurely time off between the end of minicamp and the beginning of training camp in Labrobe, PA,  which starts on July 26. Coach Mike Tomlin has reminded players that this is the time for them to get in shape and work on their conditioning. According to, Tomlin said on Wednesday, "I want them to get in the best physical condition possible."

Players seem to be taking this advice to heart. Safety Rob Golden plans to train by running with a weighted vest. Golden explained to, "You want to train with a workload on you. You have been practicing without pads so you want to put some weight on your shoulders and just get used to running with weight on you. Once you go into training camp, it's full gear ever day and you are running. You just want to condition your body to be able to withstand all of that."

On this final day of minicamp, Mike Tomlin also spoke to the media. He both clarified his expectations going in to minicamp and looked ahead to training camp in Latrobe, via

"We had another good day, and had a great finish.... This is a structural offseason and we measure it in that way. I'm not looking for result-oriented things. MOre than anything, we're laying the foundation for our football team in 2015. We're making sure the guys have an understanding of what we epect from them. We've introduced to them the manner in which we work and the manner in which we need to work to produce a successful team."

Next stop? Training camp!

What did the players have to say on Twitter?

Joshua Harris noted the end of the three-day minicamp. Hustle on!

Happy Birthday, Will Allen:

Apparently after minicamp, Arthur "Legend Killer" Moates goes home to a super-cute baby son:

Antwon "Rising Phoenix" Blake on his height and ability to be a playmaker: