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Arthur Moats: the reason 1st round draft pick Bud Dupree will not start as a rookie

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The Pittsburgh Steelers prized first round pick isn't tabbed to start as a rookie, and the main reason for this is none other than the capability of Arthur Moats.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers gave outside linebacker Arthur Moats a new contract this offseason before free agency began, and continued to go and draft outside linebacker Bud Dupree in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Most players would be rather perturbed by the announcement from commissioner Roger Goodell when the team who just gave you a new deal just drafted a player who is supposed to take your spot on the team's depth chart.

Players in Moats' situation can certainly have plenty to be angry about, but don't tell that to the player who wears No. 55 for the black and gold. Moats, being a 6th round draft pick himself, is used to having a 'prove-it' attitude when it comes to his approach to football.

"But when you come in as a sixth-round draft pick like I did, that's always been my mentality. Prove it, you know? Prove you belong, that you're not a guy taking up a roster spot, that you're here to help us get better." Moats told Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Moats will certainly have such an opportunity in 2015 as he will be slated to be the team's starting left outside linebacker, but also in keeping Dupree on the sidelines watching him do his job. Can Moats make the necessary plays to prove his worth as a full-time starter? If 2014 was any indication, he is more than capable.

Last season Moats saw very limited playing time, starting 9 games, but was able to garner 4 sacks, along with 23 tackles and 2 forced fumbles. When the team leaders in sacks were Jason Worilds and Cameron Heyward at 7.5 sacks, Moats' production as a part-time player will be something Mike Tomlin and the rest of the organization will be hoping expands as Moats' role on the team becomes larger.

Moats entering his second year in the Steelers' 3-4 defense can't be understated either. Moats has a firm grasp on the defense, and will look to emulate another player who used to wear No. 55 and wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks. He just happens to be Moats' position coach now, and that would be Joey Porter.

Moats being able to hold down the left side of the defense would be a best-case scenario as it would allow Dupree to learn, while playing in a part-time role on the defense. If Moats could somehow double his production from 2014 in 2015, it would go a long way to helping a sagging defense return to form.