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Around the League Part I: What are the Steelers 2015 opponents up to?

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The Steelers have one of the toughest schedules this season. What is the latest news on the competitors they'll face in 2015? Dani Bostick takes a quick look at the Patriots, 49ers, Rams, Ravens, Chargers, and Cardinals.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers were honored with the most difficult schedule in the NFL in 2015, according to 2014 winning percentage. Take a look at Part 1 of the two-part series giving you the low-down on what's going on with the Steelers' 2015 opponents.


The biggest news coming out of New England, and the entire NFL for that matter, is Deflategate. That's not the only scandal our friends to the north have brewing. The NFLPA just filed a complaint related to the way the Patriots handled Malcom Butler-- of last-minute interception in the Super Bowl fame-- during OTAs.

Also on big news for the Patriots, "big" according to their own website at least, the New Kids on the Block wore Patriots jerseys for the Boston leg of their tour. The big news wasn't time travel. Apparently NKOTB are alive and well AND touring-- with Pats Jerseys on. Radical, dude. (Was that 90's slang or am I confusing decades?)

In non-scandal and boy-band related news, the Patriots secondary is still super-weak.


The 49ers are hoping to find enough players to field a team after this offseason's mass exodus of several key players and their head coach. ILB Navorro Bowman's fate is TBD as he recovers from a left-knee injury, and OLB Ahmad Brooks is currently embroiled in a sexual assault scandal.

New head coach Jim Tomsula has his work cut out for him this season.


The Rams front seven is still terrifyingly good. No changes there since OTAs. The tenth overall pick this year, RB Todd Gurley, is still recovering from an ACL injury, but is expected to be healthy enough to participate in training camp. The QB-challenged organization is also considering extending Nick Foles' deal before his rookie contract expires. That is less of an issue for the Steelers than the teams in the Rams' division, but this news does indicate the level of desperation the Rams are experiencing when it comes to finding-- and retaining-- a franchise quarterback.


The Ravens have not made any dramatic or surprising moves in the offseason, which is consistent with GM Ozzie Newsome's modus operandi (or M.O. for all of you non-pretentious readers who prefer not to encounter Latin words in your football news). One area the Ravens have focused on has been their secondary by signing Kendrick Lewis and Kyle Arrington, upgrades that could make a real difference. (Instead of a fake difference.)

Also, on the Baltimore Ravens official site today, Garrett Downing wrote, "The Ravens would love nothing more than to spoil Bettis' homecoming with a win over their rivals." This same article also pointed out Bettis' 13,662 career rushing yards, nearly 1000 of which tallied during games against the Ravens. The rivalry lives on. Week four will be a huge game.


San Diego continues face distractions as the team contemplates a move to Los Angeles as their CEO Dean Spanos faces some serious health-related problems. He's 92, so unless you're my Grandma Smith, health problems and cognitive challenges come with the territory. Fans have also become disgruntled over head coach Mike McCoy's leadership as several key players have either expressed overtly their dissatisfaction with their leader, signed with other teams, or indicated they will retire after this upcoming season. Tumultuous times for the Chargers.


After the Great QB Crisis of 2014, the Cardinals hope to regroup and field a competitive team instead of appearing to be a dominant force and then falling apart in dramatic fashion. Steelers West has added more depth to its defense than Bruce Arians has added barets to his hat collection. Seriously, I'm not sure how many hats Arians' actually has, but I do know the Cardinals have attempted to address weaknesses on the defensive side of the ball by signing Corey Peters, Cory Redding, Sean Weatherspoon, and LaMarr Woodley in addition to drafting several other defensive players.

Palmer is reportedly recovering well from his ACL injury, but last season proved that without a healthy team, the Cardinals suffer.