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Pirates Andrew McCutchen looks to channel his inner Antonio Brown

Echoing what Brown did against the Browns in Week One last season, McCutchen said he may do the same to opposing pitchers if he continues to be battered by the opposition.

After getting hit by two pitches in less than 24 hours, Andrew McCutchen added an elbow guard to his uniform check list.

He might also be adding a football helmet and shoulder pads soon, too.

McCutchen, the Pirates All-Star outfielder and the 2013 National League MVP, vented his frustration after getting hit in the elbow Saturday by a 92 mph fastball in Pittsburgh's 8-4 win over the Braves. Armed with a new elbow guard, McCutchen went 1-for-4 in the Pirates' loss to the Braves on Sunday. When asked why he's been the target of so many pitchers - he's been hit eight times this season and 48 times thus far in his career - McCutchen mentioned trying something that Steelers receiver Antonio Brown tried against the Browns in Week 1 of the 2014 season to avoid future punishment.

"Maybe I need to drop-kick a pitcher," McCutchen said jokingly on Saturday. "Maybe that will scare them into not throwing at me."

While it may or may not work for McCutchen, Brown's dropkick of Cleveland's Spencer Lanning jump-started a smashing season that saw Brown pace all receivers with 129 catches with 1,698 yards. After a slow start, McCutchen has returned to his All-Star form, hitting .295 with nine home runs and 44 RBI to go with a .384 OBP after 72 games. Like Brown, McCutchen is a young star trying to lead his promising team to another championship. The Pirates are currently 42-33 and are tied with the San Francisco Giants for the final two spots in the Wild Card race.

Ironically, the Pirates host the Cleveland Indians starting on July 3rd, and while McCutchen was surely kidding of his drop kick remark, Indians pitchers may want to bring extra protection just in case they "accidentally" brush Cutch with an inside pitch.