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Lawrence Timmons shows loyalty, does not want to abandon Steelers

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Lawrence Timmons is willing to renegotiate his contract so he can retire as a Steeler.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Lawrence Timmons is on top of his game, coming off his first Pro Bowl selection of his career and could have many productive years ahead of him. It would be heartbreaking for fans to see Timmons donning another team's colors after this year, but for now it seems that eventuality is unlikely.

According to ESPN, Timmons recently said he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and wants to work out the contractual logistics to make that happen. He explained, "I've been here for nine years. I've got a house here. I'd like to keep that house." He wants to retire a Steeler.

Timmons also realizes that he needs to "keep doing what I do out here [on the field] and make that possible." "Doing what he does" included 132 tackles and two sacks during the 2014 season, a season in which he made the Pro Bowl for the first time. Drafted in 2007, Mike Tomlin's first season with the team, Timmons has tallied 748 tackles and 28 sacks in his nine years with the team.

There have been some concerns that Timmons would become a cap-casualty in 2016, so Timmons' words should be reassuring to fans, teammates and the Steelers front office. At a time when the Steelers are welcoming so much new talent to the team, Timmons' presence as a player, mentor, and leader will be a huge asset this year-- and hopefully for years to come.