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Steelers WR Antonio Brown looking to be better, and bigger, in 2015

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Antonio Brown is not only aiming to get better in 2015, but he has also been working this offseason on getting bigger, something which could help his overall game.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you see video or photos of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown at OTAs, you might notice something different about him, and it isn't his odd mohawk hair cut, but the fact he has added muscle to his frame. The 5-foot 9-inch receiver told Jeremy Fowler of has added 5 pounds of "good muscle" heading into the 2015 season. After playing all 16 games the past two seasons, why would he feel the need to change something like his weight? Simple. Durability.

"Taking care of myself as far as training, getting proper rest, knowing what it takes to perform at a high level," Brown said. "Nutrition paid dividends for me last year, and just understanding even more now with the time last year is accommodating way better."

"It's more important what you put into your body than what you put out," Brown said.

Brown has certainly been known as a workout warrior throughout his NFL career. Brown puts workout videos on his Instagram page and is historically the last player off the practice field working on his craft. Some might be concerned the additional weight and muscle will slow down the speedy receiver, but five pounds will do little to hinder Brown from doing what he does best.

Brown will have a tall task ahead of him considering the past two seasons he has put together. Looking at his amazing statistics of 239 catches for 3,197 yards and 21 touchdowns the last two seasons, those numbers will be difficult to beat. However, a bigger Brown looks to equate to a better Brown in 2015, and Steelers fans everywhere are anxious to see what next season has in store for No. 84.