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Former Steelers CB Ike Taylor predicts Steelers defense will be a Top 5 unit in 2015

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Ike Taylor, as charming as ever, shows off the skills he practiced at the NFLPE's Broadcast Bootcamp and weighed in on the state of the Steelers defense.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Dani Hellie called Ike Taylor a "Jack of all trades, master of many." That is certainly true as the retired Steelers cornerback has been trying on many hats recently. Just last week, his former teammates appreciated the presence of Coach Taylor at OTAs, and yesterday he appeared on NFL Total Access with Dan Hellie in the wake of participating in the NFL Player Engagement's Broadcast Bootcamp.

Taylor weighed in on topics ranging from quarterbacks' salaries to the name of his next child (Cam, because two Cams just got paid BIG this past week, and a third Cam might see his day soon).

Most interesting were his comments on the Steelers defense. Many key players retired this year, but Taylor was optimistic that the Black and Gold will rebound. He said, "Hopefully they'll be back to one, two, three-- no less than five."

The main reason for his optimism is the new Defensive Coordinator Keith Butler. "I like coach Keith," Taylor shared. "What I like about coach Keith Butler is that he has a good game plan." Butler also has a lot of new talent to work with, along with some returning players who can serve as mentors and reliable playmakers.

Taylor was also enthusiastic about the offense, noting the number of weapons Big Ben has in his arsenal. Key to the offense's success, accordint to Taylor, is the continued health of the offensive line and Le'Veon Bell. Certainly the arrival of Mike Munchak and the improved performance of the O-Line helped Big Ben take advantage of the weapons he had at his disposal last year.

"Big Ben's got the weapons," Taylor said. "Time will tell. Hopefully they can go from two to number one."

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