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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night 5 questions and open thread

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It is Friday night, so it is time to get together and talk some football. Who cares if it is 'football in shorts' is still football.

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Another Friday night spent at BTSC, and that isn't a bad thing. You know the drill by now...state your beverage, answer the 5 questions to the best of your ability and if you were happy with the service leave a tip in the jar on the counter. Please, as always, refrain from derogatory comments about another Steelers website who repeatedly hacks off ideas from BTSC. On top of that, the only thing off limits is any discussion regarding the Tommy 'Gun' Maddox era in Pittsburgh Steelers history.

Let's get this party started right...

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have a good corps of cornerbacks, and from OTAs it looks as if the team is going to give William Gay, Cortez Allen and Antwon Blake (in that order) a chance to anchor the top 3 spots on the depth chart. If they start the season, who do you think will be the top 3 at the END of the season?

2. People, including myself, take buying - or should I say investing - in a new jersey extremely serious. All those people who bought LaMarr Woodley jerseys after his contract extension now have a permanent dust collector in their closet. Looking at the team heading into 2015, who would you invest your money on by purchasing a new jersey?

3. I live in Maryland (yes, Ravens country) and have heard horror stories about Steelers vs. Ravens games at M&T Bank stadium. I'm curious, what is the worst story you have about attending a game. Who the opponent was, and where it took place doesn't matter. Was there jail time involved?

4. Time to play a little OVER/UNDER. DeAngelo Williams has the reigns at running back for at least the first three games of the 2015 NFL season before Le'Veon Bell returns from suspension. Over/Under on Williams rushing for 600 yards or more in 2015.

5. We are approaching the dog days of summer, and with that comes the dead month of July where NFL news goes on hiatus until training camp begins. What will be the Steelers' biggest story line heading into training camp?

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend and remembers to check back early and often to BTSC for the best and most comprehensive Steelers coverage on the internet.