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Pittsburgh Steelers News: Day 7 OTAs recap

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So the Steelers cancelled their on-field OTA workout today. Doesn't mean the team didn't do something. Check out what the Steelers did on Day 7 of OTAs.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Mike Tomlin gave the Pittsburgh Steelers the day off from on-field OTAs Monday, but that doesn't mean he didn't have his team doing work. The only work they were doing though was team building through their annual trip to Dave & Buster's in Pittsburgh. So, although there isn't much of a football recap, there certainly were some interesting posts on social media from the Steelers organization as well as individual players. Take a look for yourself, and don't worry, regular football news returns Tuesday.

Steelers getting involved in the drone game

Took the #drone to the facility today. They thought it was cool. #OLine #steelers

A photo posted by Ramon Foster (@theramonfoster) on

Ramon Foster brought a drone to practice, and although it isn't exactly New England Patriots material...those things are still pretty cool.

Dave & Buster's fun for all...

Some photos of the players taking a day off while making some memories:

More from today's OTA at Dave & Busters.

A photo posted by @steelers on

More from today's OTA at Dave & Busters.

A photo posted by @steelers on

Sometimes we all forget some of these players are still just barely old enough to order an adult beverage when they go out to dinner. Sometimes a little "play" is just what the doctor ordered.

Just some light post-workout bench pressing

Antonio Brown and Josh Harris completed a workout, and it seemed like the right time for Harris to rep out 225 pounds on the flat bench like it is a feather.

Be sure to check back to BTSC for all your best Steelers coverage around during OTAs and leading into Mandatory Minicamp.