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Danney Ball: The workout of champions, the workout of Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison

James Harrison has a reputation for putting himself through beastly workouts and other insanity in the gym, but he is also a fan of Danney Ball. What is Danney Ball? Probably not the game you'll be playing at your 4th of July cookout.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

James Harrison put on a weighted vest, took to a sand volleyball court with teammate Sean Spence and started a rousing game of Danney Ball against two other dudes.

What is Danney Ball? Well, it makes crossfit wallballs look as rigorous as 80's-style Jazzercise (at such a low intensity level that leaves both hairspray and make up in tact). It's similar to volleyball, only instead of a light, air-filled ball, participants hurl a super-heavy medicine ball, though instead of hurling it with a medieval trebuchet, James Harrison hurls it over the net with his arms.

To be fair, Sean Spence and Harrison's two opponents also did a fair amount of hurling-over-the-net, but Harrison brought his game to a truly dope level by wearing that weighted vest. Because Danney Ball without a weighted vest is for weaklings.

Kelvin Beachum apparently felt left out, posting under Harrison's instagram video, "When do I get the invite?" He followed up that question with an "LOL." Not clear if it is nervous laughter of a man excluded or if "LOL" means, "Oh hell no, bro. No way I want to be invited."

While James Harrison is making Danney Ball famous in social media, the game was originally invented by President Herbert Hoover's personal physician to keep the president fit and trim. Hoover, however, only used a six-pound medicine ball. I suspect Harrison's weighs a bit more than six pounds.

Danneyball weight vest wt @5spence1

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