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Pittsburgh Steelers put in bid to host 2023 Super Bowl

The Pittsburgh Steelers are putting in a bid to host the 2023 Super Bowl at Heinz field. Could the Steel City host the NFL's biggest game?

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers organization wants to host a Super 2023.

The team officially placed a bid to host the Super Bowl at Heinz Field in 2023, although the official bidding process won't conclude until 2018, and the vote taking place in 2019. Team president Art Rooney II has made it clear he wants to host a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh, and is about to make the final steps to make it possible.

Since the Super Bowl being held in New Jersey, cold weather cities have seen a door open to possibly bringing the big game to their city. Rooney met with Pittsburgh city officials to discuss what would need to take place if they were awarded the Super Bowl. Often times the NFL will check to ensure there are enough hotels and area to accommodate the many functions which coincide with the Super Bowl in the weeks leading up to the game.

The one thing which could hold back Heinz Field from possibly hosting the big game is the size of the stadium. Built in 2001, it originally held just over 64,000 patrons, but after a new expansion into the open end of the stadium the 'Big Ketchup Bottle' will not hold over 67,000. Even at 67,000 it is still a relatively small NFL stadium.

Before Steelers fans get overly excited about potentially hosting a Super Bowl, it should be noted a team who's home stadium is housing the Super Bowl has ever made the big game.