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2015 Steelers draft class will soon have their time to shine, even if only in the preseason

Not every draft pick in the class of 2015 will make the team's 53-man roster, but with a draft class brimming with potential, they will soon have their time to shine.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks from today and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be having their first real workout at St. Vincent College as the team celebrates their 50th year of spending their training camp on the campus. It will be at this time the 2015 NFL Draft class of the Steelers will finally have their time to shine. No more workouts in shorts, no more wondering "what if we were in pads" and no more speculation on who can play and who can't.

If most NFL fans can agree on something, it is second only to the month of July where there is literally no news to speak of surrounding their favorite team, the preseason is pretty meaningless. After all, the players who will actually play in the 2015 regular season will certainly not be seeing much of the field, especially with an extra preseason game due to the Steelers playing the Minnesota Vikings in the Hall of Fame game to kick off the preseason.

However, maybe the 2015 preseason should hold fans' attention spans a little bit longer than normal. After all, the Steelers will have some exciting players on the field, even though they might not contribute to the 53-man roster as rookies.

Is there a more interesting, intriguing and dynamic player on the team's 90-man roster than safety Gerod Holliman? The man set the NCAA record with 14 interceptions in a season - yes, in one season - and will have a chance to show what he can do against albeit sub-par quarterbacks in the preseason. Holliman might not make the teams final cut, but watching Holliman play the secondary will be something to watch with excitement.

While on the topic of secondary, how about watching Senquez Golson and Doran Grant show what they can do as second and fourth round draft picks? Anthony Chickilo and Bud Dupree flashing some skills at outside linebacker and L.T. Walton along the defensive line. Throw in Jesse James at tight end and you have yourself some interesting facets to keep an eye on, even when those preseason games seem so dull and uninteresting.

I should stop there, as the entire 2015 Steelers draft class certainly is worth keeping an eye on this training camp and preseason, but there are other names you should keep an eye out from the 2014 class. Jordan Zumwalt, Howard Jones and Rob Blanchflower from the class of 2014 will be worth keeping an eye on when the games seem unwatchable.

All the training, practices and work sometimes boil down to those "meaningless" games, but Steelers fans should be excited to see what the future may hold in some of these young players just trying to make the team's 53-man roster.