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Steelers WR Antonio Brown shows his greatness in first episode of "Forging Steel"

In the first episode of the documentary on the team's Mandatory Minicamp, Antonio Brown becomes the clear star as he shows what it takes to be great, and talk great.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is almost like a secret society. They do what they have to do, but don't expect anything more from organizations which thrive on keeping their cards close to the vest. The Pittsburgh Steelers might be the most extreme case in terms of the organization wanting to keep things 'in house' and not allowing the public to not see the inner workings of the most successful franchise in the Super Bowl era.

However, in a world where the public demands insider access to everything, the Steelers allowed cameras into their draft room as they watched the draft process unfold in 2014. In 2015, they decided to go the route of allowing cameras to capture some (and I use that term loosely) of the team's Mandatory Minicamp which wrapped up weeks ago. has the 5:00 episode on their page, and the documentary shines the light on several aspects of NFL life for players at minicamp, but one in particular - Antonio Brown. You see Brown's relentless work ethic on full display, as well as his relentless chatter back-and-forth between teammates. Brown is a competitor, and he competes whenever he is on the field, regardless of who is across the line of scrimmage from him. The great ones are always trying to improve their game regardless of the situation, and Brown certainly falls into the category.

You hear several speeches from Mike Tomlin, and one where he addresses the team before the first workout of minicamp. The speech is great, but the screen behind Tomlin is what might be the most intriguing. Behind Tomlin is a large screen with a PowerPoint slide title "How we practice...(Shorts)" and underneath are rules 6-10 players must follow:

6. No jersey pulling
7. No bull rush
8. Stay away from the QB
9. "Cooperation Block" Awareness
10. No Fighting

Despite the list resembling the rules of a local pool, defensive lineman Clifton Geathers must not have been present for this presentation as he broke Rule No. 10 during the team's workouts.

The documentary is a far cry from the award-winning "In the Room" series the Pittsburgh Penguins produce every year, but it is better than nothing. Certainly worth 5 minutes of your time.