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Pittsburgh Steelers have special events planned for 2015 home games

The Steelers have announced themes and events for their 2015 home games.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced a schedule of special events for each of their home games this season. Here is what they have planned:

Preseason August 23 v. Green Bay and Preseason Sept 2 v. Carolina: The Steelers are doing their part to promote safe tackling. The theme of these games is Heads Up Football and youth football.

Sept 20, week 2 v. San Francisco: This is the Steelers first regular season home game, so the theme is "Back to Football."

Oct 1, week 4 v. Baltimore- October is the month the NFL raises awareness for breast cancer. The Steelers will participate by having a Breast Cancer Awareness/Crucial Catch theme, and they will honor Hall of Fame inductee Jerome Bettis.

Oct 18, week 6 v. Arizona- This game is being promoted as a rematch of Super Bowl XLIII

Nov 1, week 8 v. Cincinnati- Happy 40th Birthday to the Terrible Towel. This is also the week the Steelers will don their 1934 throwback uniforms. Bring on the bumblebees!

Nov 8 , week 9 v. Oakland- Veterans Day is November 11, so the Steelers will celebrate veterans in a Salute to Service.

Nov 15, week 10 v. Cleveland- Steelers' celebrate alumni on November 15 along with the 10th anniversary of Super Bowl XL victory.

Dec 6, week 13 v. Indianapolis- The Steelers are supporting another NFL initiative for this game: Play 60. It is also their Punt, Pass & Kick game.

Dec 20, week 15 v. Denver- The Steelers will thank fans during a "Thank you Fans" tribute that includes gifts and unique experiences.