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Steelers ILB Lawrence Timmons' work ethic and leadership evident in latest episode of 'Forging Steel'

The Pittsburgh Steelers are giving fans a glimpse inside their Mandatory Minicamp, and in the second episode of the series, ILB Lawrence Timmons' work ethic and leadership is clearly evident.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Steelers organization decided to let cameras behind closed doors for the making of their new series 'Forging Steel' which highlights the team's Mandatory Minicamp, their 5 minute videos are just enough to keep viewers and die hard fans wanting more.

In the first episode, WR Antonio Brown's work ethic, and competitive nature was on full display. In the second episode, ILB Lawrence Timmons' work ethic and leadership was clearly evident.

Timmons' isn't the 'rah-rah' leader which many fans look for when they watch football. He isn't the Joey Porter who will get the entire team primed for the game with yelling, screaming and chanting. Instead, Timmons (also known as 'Law Dog') leads by example. His "follow me" mentality shows exactly why he was a Pro Bowl selection in 2014.

Other highlights of the second episode are glimpses of meetings with inside linebackers coach Jerry Oslavsky, as well as a team meeting held by Mike Tomlin. Tomlin announces to anyone who can hear how players' summer plans should include getting into the best shape physically possible. The best players are always in the best shape, and that saying stuck with rookie CB Senquez Golson.

After watching this episode, you have to wonder about the intensity of meetings, practices and walk-throughs during the season as well as training camp if Mandatory Minicamp carries such intensity. With training camp only a handful of days away, it seems as if those who will be traveling to Latrobe, PA won't have to wait long to see the action up-close-and-personal.