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Filed under: ranks Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin as 6th among all 32 head coaches

As the slow season continues to drag on, media networks continue their rankings of everything from positions to now coaches. See why ranked Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin as No. 6 among the group of 32.

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Say what you want about Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, but the man is capable of getting the job done. It may not always be pretty, but when a coach who has been in the league since 2007 can say they have never suffered a losing season, they are doing something right.

Recently, released their coach power rankings, ranking all 32 head coaches, and they had Tomlin at No. 6 among his colleagues. See what they had to say about the ranking.

6. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Some might feel Tomlin should not rate this high. But who else are you going to put above him? He's never suffered a losing campaign, and he's been to two Super Bowls in his eight seasons on the job, winning one in his second year. Many thought the Steelers would be headed back to the big game -- or at least making a deep run into the playoffs -- before Le'Veon Bell went down in Week 17. All in all, it's been a nice run for the third man to fill this role since 1969.

There is still large contingent who don't give Tomlin the credit for winning Super Bowl 43 and his early career successes. They claim he won the biggest game in the NFL with Bill Cowher's team and was essentially riding the coat tails of Cowher's success. Although there is some validity to that statement, it isn't 100-percent true either.

Nonetheless, Tomlin has had a tremendous amount of success throughout his tenure with the team, and doesn't show any signs of that changing in the near future. Tomlin is slowly rebuilding the team who won Super Bowl 43 and is stocking the shelves with high end talent on both sides of the football. Despite the struggles of back-to-back 8-8 seasons, if that is the low point of Tomlin's career, Steelers fans should be ecstatic with the return Tomlin has given the franchise.