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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night 5 questions and open thread

It is the calm before the storm here at BTSC, and one thing is for one is happier to see training camp than this particular editor.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a few short hours away from rolling into Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA for their 50th training camp at the college. As for me, this is my second training camp with BTSC, and the first as the editor. It has been a long offseason, as many of you have pointed out, and there wasn't much traction involving the Steelers outside of the draft.

Gone is free agency, gone is the draft, gone are OTAs, gone are rookie and mandatory minicamps and it is finally time for training camp. Everyone prepares themselves differently. Some might watch some film of the 2014 season, get on YouTube and look up some of the incredible history of the Steelers franchise or even sit back and relax knowing the best of days is upon us. As for me? I will be spending the evening with my three little kids watching little yellow animated characters with goggles and overalls make a 32-year old wanna-be writer laugh hysterically in a movie theater.

But enough about me...lets get to business shall we? You know the drill. State your beverage, do your best to answer the questions and please let us not get into a debate about the better Steelers quarterback between Tommy Maddox, Bubby Brister and Mike Tomczak.

Let's get this party started right...

1. Safety Jordan Dangerfield was cut before he even got to camp Saturday. It brings up the scene in the movie "Major League" when Willie Mays Hayes gets taken out of the facility, wakes up in his pajamas and states, "SH-T! I've been cut already?!" Here is the question: Would you rather have been told the day before camp you were released, or go through the grueling camp and get cut before the team finalizes their 53-man roster?

2. The Steelers have been known to lean on some gimmick plays on the offensive side of the ball to make big plays. They did so last year when Antonio Brown threw a touchdown pass to Lance Moore in the MNF game against the Texans. Do you think these are smart plays to have in the arsenal in 2015, or is this unit good enough gadgets aren't needed?

3. Jerome Bettis will be honored during the Steelers vs. Ravens game this upcoming season. Reports state Bettis chose this game, as did "Mean" Joe Greene last year when he had his No. 75 jersey retired. If you were being honored and had to choose a home game which wasn't against the Ravens, which game would you pick and why?

4. The Steelers have been known to have more than a handful of fights in training camps of the past. It was typically Ike Taylor vs. Antonio Brown, but with Taylor gone, which STARTER are you choosing to throw down first, and with whom are they fighting?

5. The Steelers have 5 preseason games, starting with the Hall of Fame game against the Vikings next Sunday. Looking at the preseason schedule, knowing it is meaningless as well as the system in place for starters playing time, what is your prediction for the Steelers' record at the end of the preseason? Yes, I am aware these games don't count...

Enjoy your night folks and be sure to check back to BTSC throughout the weekend as the Steelers have the run test tomorrow followed by a Tomlin press conference (always entertaining), and Sunday will be the team's first workout.