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Patriots vs. Steelers Week 1 game will be coast-to-coast celebration

When the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Foxborough to play the New England Patriots, the party won't just be in Boston, but coast-to-coast.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The NFL has never been one to miss a chance at a celebration, especially if it equates to more money. This will certainly be the case prior to the Week 1 matchup which has the Pittsburgh Steelers traveling to the New England Patriots for the season opener.

Typically, the NFL will have an outdoor concert on site for the big game, all as a lead up to the 2014 Super Bowl champion Patriots getting their recognition prior to the game on a national level. However, this year the NFL plans on multiple locations with concerts and celebrations being held to hype up to kickoff to the 2015 NFL season.


A source told FOX Sports on Tuesday that pregame events are set for both the New England and San Francisco Bay area leading into the Sept. 10 Steelers-Patriots matchup. That includes the NFL's annual pregame concert taking place in Northern California rather than in the Boston/Foxboro region.

The NFL has done things like this in the past, trying to tie in the celebration with the location of the Super Bowl, and as Super Bowl 50 will be held in Santa Clara, CA where the San Francisco 49ers call home, they will be holding some pre-game festivities for a game being held on the other side of the country.

Despite the fact there is a high likelihood this game will be without names like Tom Brady, Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount, the NFL is determined to do whatever they can to maximize exposure to a very important AFC battle between the Steelers and Patriots.