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Steelers James Harrison calls out ESPN's Adam Schefter over Twitter photo of Jason Pierre-Paul medical report

There are some things which you just don't do, and in James Harrison's mind Adam Schefter of ESPN did just that by tweeting out a photo of New York Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul's medical report.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The news of New York Giants pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul's fireworks accident over the 4th of July weekend which has him in the hospital dealing with injuries to his hand and arm isn't breaking news. However, the severity of the injury still remains very much a cloud, even for the Giants organization. Then ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted this photo from his verified account:

There are laws in place to keep medical reports completely confidential, and when it comes to Pittsburgh Steelers OLB James Harrison, there are some things you just don't do - and Schefter sending out such private information is one of those. Harrison felt strong enough about it to tweet the following to Schefter:

Strong words from a strong man, but Harrison's view point of the situation is most likely felt across the league as the NFL "Insiders" like Schefter seem to be getting more and more involved in not just their professional lives, but their personal lives as well. While there is a good chance both of these tweets are deleted by Thursday morning, it never completely goes away, and for someone as respected as Schefter, it could certainly dent his reputation.