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Steelers Le'Veon Bell one of the best red zone RBs in the league, per's Bucky Brooks ranked the top red zone RBs in the league and Steelers' Le'Veon Bell made the list.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense struggled in the red zone last season, but there is one element of their game that is among the best in the league. That element is Le'Veon "Juice" Bell, whom's Bucky Brooks ranked fourth in the league for red zone performance. We've long known that Bell is one of the best backs in the league, but after one of the best offensive seasons in Steelers history, people are starting to take notice.

After an injury-plagued rookie season, Bell made his mark in the league last season, tallying over 2,000 scrimmage yards and 11 touchdowns in 15 games. He also has tremendous receiving skills with over 800 receiving yards in 2014 alone.

See what Brooks had to say about Bell and being ranked 4th on the list:

4) Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers

Some might say it's a little premature to anoint Bell as one of the top running backs in the game after one spectacular season, but there is a whole lot to like about the 23-year-old's versatile game. Bell is a rare big back (6-1, 244 pounds) with nimble feet, outstanding balance and lateral quickness. He has a knack for eluding tacklers in the hole, yet also displays the power and explosiveness to run through contact. Bell's diverse skills helped him post 2,000-plus scrimmage yards and 11 touchdowns in 15 games as the Steelers' workhorse back last fall. Given more opportunities to cash in at the end of drives, Bell could become the No. 1 guy on this list and drive Todd Haley's offense to the top of the NFL charts.

Other RBs who made the list were Arian Foster of the Texans at #5, Jamal Charles of the Chiefs at #3, Adrian Peterson of the Vikings at #2, and Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks topping the list.

Adrian Peterson's rank was based more on his career and reputation, than last season when he missed fifteen games. Another factor to consider is that the Steelers and Vikings swapped RB coaches. With Kirby Wilson now in Minnesota and the legendary James Saxon with the Steelers, coaching could be a key factor in Bell's continued improvement in upcoming seasons.

Bell's prowess in the red zone could catapult the Steelers offense to the top of the league. Since red zone performance is a weak link in Todd Haley's offense, it is encouraging that Bell is considered one of the best in the league when it comes to getting the ball into the end zone when it matters most.