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Watch new Steelers kicker Garrett Hartley make some crazy trick field goals

The Steelers have a new kicker in Garrett Hartley, and Hartley is more than capable of making some unique kicks. Take a look at a video of the team's new kicker flashing some of his skills.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers replaced Shaun Suisham on the roster with Garrett Hartley. Hartley previously kicked for the New Orleans Saints and even with the Cleveland Browns in 2014. As a kicker, you often times have a lot of time on your hands. Time to try some unique trick shots and skills which might not equate to success on the field, but are still pretty cool.

Take a look at this video of Hartley flashing some skills and trick shots, all in his spare time:

Hartley might not be the answer for the Steelers in terms of the kicker who will be starting for the team in Week 1 of the regular season, but the video does show he is a very skilled and capable kicker. As evidenced in the video, Hartley is capable of making a lot of kicks, and not just in the place kicking game, but also on kickoffs. In a league where touchbacks are the norm, the Steelers have been lacking in such a category. Hartley certainly could change such a statistic if he gets the opportunity.

As Hartley says at the end of the video when he suggests he gets extra points for hitting the truck beyond the field goal posts, "I need a job so in case I do hit it I can pay for it." Well, he has a job now, but it is up to him to keep it.