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City of Pittsburgh sports teams' uniforms ranked second to Boston in's Uni Watch

The city of Pittsburgh is a proud sports city, and is unique in that all three major sports teams sport the same general and gold. However, when ESPN's Uni Watch ranked all major cities, they came in 2nd.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Pittsburgh is a proud sports town. Ask anyone who roots for even one of those three major sports teams and they will tell you of their love and dedication to the 'Black and Gold'. That saying is unique to Pittsburgh as it is the only major sports city with all their major sports teams sporting the same colors on their uniforms, regardless of the sport.

The Penguins strayed from the classic mustard yellow, but have since returned with a third uniform which makes all feel right with the world again when you see Sidney Crosby and crew skating with those classic and timeless black and gold unis.

The Pirates too strayed from the traditional black and gold when they decided to throw red into their uniforms and hats in the early 2000s, but they also realized their mistake and have gone back to the roots of what makes the city of Pittsburgh and the colors great. Keep it simple.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team who never truly strayed away from the black and gold. In fact, if the team did anything, it accentuated the black and gold with those 'so ugly you have to love them' 'bumblee bee' uniforms which have been worn the past three seasons.

With that said, when's 'Uni Watch' crew decided to rank all of the sports city's team uniforms, it was a shock to see Pittsburgh come in second. The Steelers uniforms were ranked as tops in the NFL, but when throwing in the other sports teams in their respective cities, it was Boston who came out on top.

See what Uni Watch had to say about the city of Pittsburgh's uniforms:

Pittsburgh's ranking is bolstered by the Steelers, who nabbed the top spot in our recent Uni Watch NFL Power Rankings. Solid looks from the Pirates (whose score would be higher if they didn't wear their black alternate tops so often) and Penguins, along with one of MLB's best-looking ballparks and a common municipal color scheme, were enough to vault the Steel City into the No. 2 spot. Still waiting for one of these teams to come up with an Andy Warhol-themed alternate jersey (his museum is a prime local attraction), but the Steelers' bumblebee throwbacks sort of qualify for that, right?

UNI WATCH SCORE: Pirates: 6.5, Steelers: 10, Penguins: 6.5, Intangibles: Bonus points for PNC Park (2), and for all three teams basing their color scheme on the colors of the Pittsburgh city flag (1.5). UNI: 8.83

The next logical question is, what was so special about Boston's uniforms? Here is what Uni Watch had to say about their duds:

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that Beantown's pro teams are very easy on the eyes. In fact, Boston's UNI score would have been even higher if the Patriots still had their Pat Patriot throwback in their wardrobe, or if the Celtics hadn't trotted out that miserable "pride" uniform last season. America's best-looking city, at least when measured by its athletics aesthetics.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Red Sox: 8, Patriots: 7.5, Bruins: 9.5, Celtics: 8.5, Intangibles: Bonus points for Fenway Park (2). Bonus point for the Celtics' parquet floor (1). Bonus point for Bill Belichick having a signature style (1), but it's cancelled out by that style being so unattractive (-1).UNI: 9.13

Now is the time when fans of the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates stand up and declare this as blasphemous. There is no way Boston beats Pittsburgh. Oh well, they probably cheated anyways.