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A nation divided; Steelers fans split on Pittsburgh Steelers QB Michael Vick

Steelers fans and Pittsburghers took to social media this Tuesday and there was a major split on whether to like or hate the Steelers' decision to sign Michael Vick.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, we jumped all over the story of Michael Vick's planned visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers and whether or not Vick would be ready to join the most successful NFL franchise of the Super Bowl era. If you were in the comment sections of those threads you would see a serious divide between Steelers fans who absolutely hated the notion that Vick may don the black and gold and fans who either didn't care, didn't mind or liked the idea.

Well at approximately 7:30 p.m. EST Tuesday evening, we saw the Steelers sign Vick to a one-year contract as they placed Bruce Gradkowski on the injured reserve list.

But the war between fans had already started all over social media.

Some people just seemed generally happy to have a former no. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft join the team in a much needed position after Bruce Gradkowski's season-ending injury.

Others, not so much.

There's already a petition out there with thousands of signatures of people who do not want Michael Vick on the Steelers. Not that this would be anything new, New York Jets fans did the same thing last season.

But as we scoured the Twitter-verse for responses, there were plenty of fans and reactions who either defended Vick, or at least called out those who were so dead-set on not moving past his past transgressions.

Still, the anti-Vick crowd was pouring the distaste on pretty thick. Even to the point where some people said it impacted their fandom of the Pittsburgh Steelers' organization.

While some fans may feel they are completely untouchable and on the right side of this situation, many people are quick to point out the reality in the situation. Either:

  1. Vick deserves a second chance and people need to move on;
  2. there are Steelers' players with questionable history who people don't fret over;
  3. some fans are going way over the top;
  4. or there are more important issues for people to be raising hell about.

There are plenty of takes to be had on Vick's signing. Some tackle the important role Vick can have as a backup quarterback on a team that is missing a legitimate no. 2 option with the injury of Bruce Gradkowski, while others acknowledge the zealous outcry of the anti-Vick crowd and why there are other issues for people to put their time into, such as fellow Steelers fan and founder of, Damon Young, with his take on the situation.

One thing is for certain, Michael Vick is a polarizing player that can split a fan base on their opinions.