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With Julio Jones signing a new deal, the Steelers now know the rate which Antonio Brown will be requesting

It seems as weeks pass, a new Pro Bowl wide receiver is landing a major pay day, and with each receiver who sees their pay checks balloon, Steelers WR Antonio Brown is taking note.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown surely heard the news of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones cashing in on a new $71.250 million dollar contract for 5 years ($47 million of that contract guaranteed), and upon hearing this news the man players and fans call 'AB' had to simply smile.

Brown didn't get a new contract, so why would he be smiling? Simple. With each elite WR who gets a new deal, the asking price Brown will be requesting continues to climb. Brown toyed with the idea of a holdout prior to the team's offseason workouts, but after some advice from Ben Roethlisberger Brown didn't miss more than one workout the entire offseason.

Brown has been a good soldier, figuratively speaking, as he has showed up, said all the right things and never once showed a glimmer of an issue surrounding his contract status. To say Brown has out-performed his current deal is an understatement. Brown averages about $8.3 million dollars a year on his current deal. A great sum of money, but for the league's best receiver the past two seasons, he is staring up at players like Jeremy Maclin, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace and Pierre Garcon who are all making more money, yet are not even close to the player Brown is.

There was talk prior to the Steelers second preseason game that Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, and the Steelers brass would sit down and talk about a possible contract extension, but shortly after the team returned from Florida it was GM Kevin Colbert who squashed those reports by stating the Steelers' policy is simple - they don't negotiate contracts with players who have several years remaining on their current deal.

Brown's contract is valid through 2017, which means the team will most likely be hitting the negotiating table with Brown and his camp after the 2015 season and prior to the 2016 season. With each receiver like T.Y. Hilton, Demariyus Thomas and Dez Bryant who are hitting a major pay day, Brown's asking price is following suit.

It is safe to say after evaluating the top wide receiver contracts (Jones' deal not included) the asking price for Brown will be steep. It seems the 5-year $70 million dollar deal, with over $40 million guaranteed, is the mark which will likely be the starting point for Brown. A very high price tag, but for a player as productive as Brown, he is worth every penny. The good news for the Steelers is following the 2015 season, they will finally be able to remove LaMarr Woodley's name from the books, and free up the $8.85 million dollars owed to the now member of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Steelers have a dynamic offense, and with playmakers at every turn there will come a time when you will need to pay them accordingly. With Ben Roethlisberger and Maurkice Pouncey locked up, look for Antonio Brown to be next in line. He deserves more money, but how much will be the sticking point between the two parties.

Here is to hoping for another phenomenal 2015 season for Brown, and the man being paid what he is owed in the following offseason. Like I said earlier, he is worth every penny.