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Pittsburgh Steelers rated an 84 for Madden 16; 2nd AFC North

EA Sports released its ratings for the team overalls in the AFC North, see where they have each team slotted heading into 2015.

EA Sports

Without the full details of how each team's rosters will be rated per their individual players, EA Sports has provided insight into how the Pittsburgh Steelers stack up in their overall rating along with the rest of the AFC North.

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens: 85 overall.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 84 overall.

Cincinnati Bengals: 84 overall.

Cleveland Browns: 75 overall.

The Steelers came tied for second in the AFC North when it came to overall standings, but in this reveal, EA Sports also let out a few other ratings.

We already knew that Ben Roethlisberger received a 95 overall ratingLe'Veon Bell a 94 and Antonio Brown a 97.

However, in this reveal we have also learned that Martavis Bryant has been given an overall rating of 80, as well as his fellow receiver Markus Wheaton's 75 overall rating. Both saw an increase from last season and should add to the fun of using the Steelers' offense in Madden 16.

We also saw some defensive ratings as we learned that some of the younger Steelers' defenders received moderate ratings, like Stephon Tuitt's 73 overall and Shamarko Thomas' 76 rating. But the veterans saw decent ratings in that Cameron Heyward is at an 88, bolstered by James Harrison being an 84, Arthur Moats an 80 and Lawrence Timmons with the highest rating on the defense with a 90 overall.

Some have speculated around the decreased speed ratings which some of the NFL's fastest players have received going into this season, but the most awaited reveal, which shows the full ratings of rosters, has yet to come so that we can see where the likes of Dri Archer and Martavis Bryant stack up with their speed and acceleration ratings.