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Deflategate Fallout: Snoop Dogg disagrees, calls for overturn of Le'Veon Bell's supension

There's one righteous man's voice for justice that we want to hear on this topic, and his name is Snoop Dogg.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

So Judge Berman overturned the NFL's decision to suspend Tom Brady for four games and there's questions about the evidence examined and the NFL is already set to appeal the case.

There are a lot of questions about whether the appeal of the appeal will stand, like how are the Steelers' chances against Brady and the Patriots in week one?

But isn't the question on everyone's mind right now ...


Yes! The man who was single-handedly responsible for the ressurection of the Steelers' offense last season because of his advice to Todd Haley, has returned to give us what has to be the take of all takes on today's deflategate ruling! Snoop's an old school Raiders, 49ers, Steelers fan, so his voice is definitely valued here!

"The NFL overturned Brady's s***.," Snoop said. "I can't do nothin' but smoke. That's bull****", you might as well overturn all the homies that got weed cases in the NFL too. If ya'll gonna do that, keep it real."

If it wasn't clear who Snoop Dogg might be referencing in this context, he made it clear:

"Do we get leveon bell 26 [back] for game one or does this rule just apply to QBs?"

I mean, come on! Snoop Dogg said it! Whatever this judge just decided means nothing now.

Meanwhile at Steelers' headquarters, Mike Tomlin and the Steelers now know they're not just planning for a backup quarterback anymore, and that means they can gameplan specifically to play against Tom Brady, a much more daunting task than preparing for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Considering their current issues with execution in their defense so far this preseason, they will need to tighten up a lot before next Thursday night in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where they haven't won since 2008 in their Super Bowl season.

Maybe they should ask Snoop Dogg to help on defense as well.