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Pittsburgh Steelers trade Punter Brad Wing to New York Giants

Jordan Berry wins the punting duel and Brad Wing heads to New York.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming in that the Steelers have both made another trade as well as decided who won the depth chart battle between Brad Wing and Jordan Berry to determine who would be the team's starting punter.

Details are still coming in about what the Steelers received in return, but if the organization receives even a low draft pick for the trade it would be a win for having two punters who performed admirably throughout the 2015 preseason in what became the most unlikely tight race of training camp and preseason. The draft pick the Steelers receive would be a solid return for them dealing out their own sixth round pick to the Jaguars in order to acquire kicker Josh Scobee.

Brad Wing performed well enough in his rookie season with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014 to warrant his return to the team, but he came up against a tough opponent in rookie Jordan Berry.

We will keep you updated when we get wind of which late draft pick the Steelers received from the Giants.

UPDATE: The Steelers have reportedly received another "late-round" pick from the Giants. This is most likely a 6th round pick, which would help the team get their pick back which they traded to the Jaguars for Scobee.