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Pittsburgh Steelers give postseason awards to Ramon Foster and Bud Dupree

The Pro Football Writer's have voted on two awards for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the winners of these distinctions were Ramon Foster and Bud Dupree.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After Antonio Brown was awarded the Pittsburgh Steelers Most Valuable Player award earlier this week, the Steelers and the Pro Football Writers give out two other awards before the end of the regular season. Those awards are "The Chief" award, given to the player who was cooperative with the media, and the "Joe Greene" award, giving to the team's best rookie of the season.

Guard Ramon Foster won "The Chief Award", and had this to say about bringing home the award named after the team's founder, Art Rooney Sr.

"It's an honor," Foster told "To be in the position where it is easy to talk to the media, and use it as a platform to say what you need to in a positive light means a lot."

For the layman, speaking to the media seems like such a small task, but for players to take the time in the good times and the bad is not as easy as many think.

"That is part of this business, being able to talk in the bad times and the good times. It's something you have to grow into doing and be accountable."

As for the "Joe Greene" award, Bud Dupree was the recipient of the honor as the team's best rookie of the year. There weren't many rookies who had a role on the team in 2015, but Dupree acclimated himself well and eventually was named the starter at left outside linebacker.

"It means a lot to win it," Dupree told "I am just trying to follow in those footsteps and get better each and every day."

"It wasn't like I wanted it to be," said Dupree of his rookie campaign. "But I just have to keep showing progress and I will get where I want to be soon."

"Showing the coaches they can put me in the starting lineup was the biggest progress I made this year," said Dupree. "Earning their trust was key. It was a great feeling. Actually being able to go through that and make it happen. I was really happy when it happened."