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Steelers CB Brandon Boykin sounds off about former Eagles coach Chip Kelly

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded a conditional draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for Brandon Boykin prior to the 2015 regular season. The former Eagles' CB had some candid words in regards to his former coach in Philadelphia.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a matter of time until ever player who every played for former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly was asked about his most recent departure from the organization. There are the obvious cast of characters who would be prodded for sound bytes, like LeSean McCoy, but there is a disgruntled employee of the Eagles in the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room who didn't hold back when talking about his former coach.

That player? Cornerback Brandon Boykin, who was traded to the Steelers this preseason for a conditional draft pick. What originally was a 4th round draft pick turned into a 5th round draft pick when Boykin didn't play more than 60-percent of the team's snaps in the regular season.

Boykin sees a clear difference between Kelly, and current coach Mike Tomlin.

"Tomlin treats players like professionals and grown men." Boykin told Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Boykin didn't stop there, but continued talking about Kelly, not only as a coach, but a person and his overall lack of respect for his players.

"I think the players realized that a long time ago," he said. "Now the world knows. You can't trick players or pretend to be someone you're not if the results aren't there. The guys who were man enough to make a difference and do something about it were axed or (Kelly) acted like there were sour grapes or whatever.

"We were telling the truth, and people see that now. We are grown men, and he overlooked that aspect of it. He acted like he was better and smarter than people at his level, and that's where the respect was lost."

There is no love lost between Kelly and many of his players, Boykin included. Especially when it was Boykin who spoke of allegations of Kelly being a racist before leaving the Eagles organization.

Boykin openly appreciates Mike Tomlin, as many players do, but his future in Pittsburgh is certainly uncertain. The veteran cornerback will hit the free agent market this offseason, and the Steelers would be wise to try and bring him back as they could be facing a situation where William Gay, Antwon Blake and Boykin all jettison via free agency.