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Report: Bengals fans' lowlights include urination on other fans during Steelers vs. Bengals playoff game

Bengals fans did not help to improve their reputation with the way they acted on Saturday night when their team lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL playoffs.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

News which stemmed from police reports has revealed extra levels to the antics from the crowd of Cincinnati Bengals' fans which attended the team's home playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

total of six people have been reported to be arrested by police as a result of their actions at or around Paul Brown Stadium from the playoff game. Two of the men arrested were Steelers fans who were involved in altercations with other fans during the game, while the other four were Bengals fans whose actions varied from similar in violence to different in how disturbed it was.

One of the Bengals fans arrested was said to have "exposed himself" to a fan and urinated on another fan in public. This adds to a long night for Bengals fans who cheered for injured players, threw trash onto the field, threw beer cans at an injured Ben Roethlisberger as he rode a cart to the locker room, all to see their team lose in stunning fashion to a late Chris Boswell field goal that doomed their team to their seventh straight loss in the opening round of the playoffs.

While there were Steelers fans who were not clear of wrongdoing, the reports coming in from the police only confirm and further the notions of chaos and wrecklessness which Bengals fans displayed throughout the evening. This will continue to build upon the rivalry between these two teams who obviously hate each other, and cause for warning from the NFL when the two teams meet next season for two, possibly three, more games.