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The fallout of Steelers vs. Bengals continues as Adam Jones and Andrew Whitworth sound off

The AFC Wild Card game might be officially over, but the venom coming from the Cincinnati Bengals is reaching its pinnacle the Monday after their devastating loss.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The game is over, and one would think the commentary from the Cincinnati Bengals would fade into the night, just like their hopes of finally winning a playoff game since 1991 did on Saturday night. Alas, the opposite as happened. With the Bengals cleaning out their lockers today, media had access to players, and they had plenty to say about the Pittsburgh Steelers, their coaches and the way the game transpired.

While some spoke to local media, Adam Jones, also known as Pacman, took to the airwaves to talk to Dan Patrick about how he felt Antonio Brown was faking his head injury on the final drive of the football game.

"Antonio Brown was not hurt. I know he was faking it," Jones said on the show. "Go back and look at the play. If you go back and slow-motion the play, you tell me that Vontaze hit him in the head or did his shoulder pads barely touch him?"

"He deserved a Grammy Award for that," he said. "I know if you just got knocked out you ain't going to be able to wink and tell me you're OK."

This wasn't the first time Jones accused Brown of playing opossum on the field. After the game Jones told Michael Silver he knew Brown wasn't truly hurt.

"Man, that [expletive] was [expletive] acting. He flopped. He needs a [expletive] Academy Award for that performance,"

According to Jones, Brown must be an extremely talented individual on, and off, the field for the awards he could potentially garner as an actor and musician. Nonetheless, the angry cornerback also had an issue with Steelers' OLB coach Joey Porter, but Jones wasn't alone in his disgust for Porter.

Per, Andrew Whitworth had this to say about the former Steelers linebacker, turned coach, and his behavior Saturday night. "I hugged Mike Tomlin after the game, we apologized for the way it was played. I have a lot of respect for the Steelers -- but Joey Porter isn't one of them. Before the last game, Porter was at midfield motherf----n everybody."

Jones added fuel to that fire by saying Porter had no excuse for being on the field during that final drive. "They said I made contact with the ref," Jones said on "The Dan Patrick Show." "I was pointing at Porter, saying, 'Why is he on the field?' I asked the head ref why he was on the field. He couldn't give me an answer. ... He wasn't with the player who got hurt."

Jones would go on to say Vontaze Burfict's hit on Brown shouldn't have been flagged, but at this point the words spoken seem like crying over spilled milk. The fact of the matter is the Bengals imploded, and players are struggling to come to terms with their fate.

The fate the Bengals now face are 15 key free agents, Reggie Nelson and Jones among them, heading into the 2016 season. Depending on who is kept, and who is let go, the team could certainly have a different look to it next season. Luckily for them, the team can start to prepare for that now, while Joey Porter, Antonio Brown and the rest of the Steelers focus on the Denver Broncos.