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Alabama vs. Clemson: 2016 NCAA Division 1 National Championship Open Thread

It's offense vs. defense in the National Championship game. Be sure to watch the game with fellow fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers to talk about draft picks, prospects and anything else under the sun.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for some football, and no, it isn't Jon Gruden and Monday Night Football. With the NFL season over for all but 8 teams, the NCAA Division 1 football championship takes center stage. It is offense vs. defense as the No. 1 ranked Clemson University plays No. 2 ranked Alabama.

Who will win this game? Feel free to give your predictions, talk about potential prospects for the Pittsburgh Steelers, draft status and anything else which might come up throughout the game.

As always, keep it clean and respectful before getting kicked out of the party! And as always, HERE WE GO STEELERS!