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NFL Playoffs 2016: New England Patriots await winner of Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos will play Sunday for a chance to play the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a chance for a rematch of their Week 1 game against the New England Patriots, if they can beat the Denver Broncos Sunday in the Divisional round of the AFC Playoffs. With the Patriots beating the Kansas City Chiefs 27-20 in Foxborough, they will advance to the AFC Championship next Sunday. Who and where they play will be decided when the Steelers and Broncos game is completed.

If the Steelers find a way to beat Denver on the road, the Patriots would host the Steelers in the AFC's biggest game of the season. If the Broncos are victorious tomorrow, the Patriots would have to take their show on the road to the top-seeded Broncos for a chance to advance to Super Bowl 50.

The Patriots have played both of these two teams already in the 2015 regular season. The Patriots beat the Steelers in the season-opening game in Foxborough 28-21. However, New England lost to the Broncos 30-24 in Denver. Either way, revenge will be on the menu for one team next Sunday, but whom is searching for the revenge will depend on the second Divisional game in Mile High.

The Steelers will be without Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams, all with Ben Roethlisberger nursing a sprained shoulder separation. All the while, the Broncos will welcome Peyton Manning back to the starting lineup, in lieu of Brock Osweiler, who was under center for both regular season matchups against the Steelers and Patriots.

The Steelers and Broncos will kick off at 4:40 p.m. EDT Sunday on CBS.