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Steelers still interested in possibly playing regular season game in Mexico

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a huge fan base in Mexico, and is one of the reasons the team is interested in playing a regular season football game South of the border.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers might have the largest fan base of all NFL teams, but if there is one area of the globe they dominate, it is in Mexico. This past June, BTSC was able to see just how crazy Steelers fans are for the black and gold South of the border, and they look like they belong in the city of Pittsburgh.

For these reasons, team president Art Rooney II has stated he would like to see a regular season NFL game played in Mexico, and he would want the Steelers to be one of the two teams selected to take their brand into international territory.

The transition is far from smooth, or complete, as Rooney II told 'Steelers Live' the facilities in Mexico would have to be upgraded, as well as the surface where they would be playing their games, in Mexico City, but he didn't let those facts dull his excitement for the potential of expanding the Steelers, and NFL, brand into Mexico.

If the Steelers did play a regular season game in Mexico in the near future, it would be the second time this decade the team traveled to a foreign country to play a game. The Steelers played the Minnesota Vikings in London in 2013, and that loss was part of an 0-4 start for the team that year.

Rooney wants the Steelers to play in Mexico, and it has become clear Roger Goodell is looking to continue to move the NFL brand into other countries. Don't be shocked if this deal isn't done sooner, rather than later.