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Ex-Steelers QB Charlie Batch's latest venture taking off in Pittsburgh

Charlie Batch is best known as the Pittsburgh Steelers former backup quarterback, but he also has an innovative new business venture taking off in his hometown.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

What Pittsburgh Steelers fan didn't miss Charlie Batch this season? His calm, steady presence on the sidelines was a comfort to fans everywhere, and a source of leadership and guidance for younger members of the Pittsburgh squad. On the field, Batch contributed as well.  His improbable victory against the Baltimore Ravens in December 2012 was one of the finest performances by a backup quarterback in Steelers history.

Most fans know that Charlie Batch also gives back to his community through his foundation, provides keen NFL analysis, and has a successful public speaking career. One of Batch's most exciting ventures, however, is Impellia, a company that licences cutting-edge sports medicine technology developed by universities so that the general public can benefit from the latest innovations in rehabilitation and human-performance. Recently, Impellia licensed a technology called PIVOT that was developed at the University of PIttsburgh. PIVOT is a software platform that can assess the stability of the knee after an ACL injury and classify the degree of the injury.

As part of the Impellia team, Batch provides unique insight into the unique challenges and needs of athletes. Freddie Fu, the chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Pitt School of Medicine said, "It is important to have partners like Charlie Batch and Impellia who have a strong understanding of the needs of the marketplace to help translate our discoveries into products and services that make a difference in people's lives."

Charlie Batch also weighed in on the agreement, saying via the University of PIttsburgh, "We are extremely excited about the market potential of PIVOT and are honored to be working with Dr. Fu and Dr. Musahl, Through our team's growth-oriented approach, extensive domain expertise, and sales network, we have the means to build a broad platform for the technology. We are thrilled that the Innovation Institute has recognized our ability to execute significant marketing strategies and bring real-world applications to its technologies."

Because of this agreement, PIVOT will become accessible to trainers and medical practitioners, which will ultimately benefit athletes. Impellia has similar agreements with other universities, licensing technologies in order to make them widely accessible. They are the final step in the transition from a researcher's concept to a product people can use and benefit from.