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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers offseason is in full tilt with the Senior Bowl Saturday, and the Pro Bowl Sunday. Time to sit down and talk about things in our weekly open thread.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The next few weeks are painful for a lot of reasons. First, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been eliminated from the postseason and you are forced to watch the meaningless Pro Bowl and the Steelers-less Super Bowl next weekend. Second, it sinks in it is officially the offseason and those dog days start to creep up where news is created, not broken.

Nonetheless, that won't stop us from taking part in one of our favorite traditions here at BTSC, and that would be the Friday night 5 questions and open thread. If you are new to the dance, remember the rules: State your beverage, answer the questions to the best of your ability and as always...keep things respectful.

Time to get this party started right...

1. The Pro Bowl sucks, but there are a ton of players there and available. Assuming the Steelers aren't in the Super Bowl, would you rather have an all-access pass to the Pro Bowl weekend, or tickets to the Super Bowl on the 50-yard line? Explain your decision.

2. If YOU know, for those who DON'T know, list 2-3 players Steelers fans should be watching during the Senior Bowl tomorrow.

3. The draft will be here before you know it. Time to start looking at priorities. List your 5 positions (in order of importance) the Steelers should target in the Draft.

4. Speaking of new players, with Free Agency right around the corner, what would be your positional wish list of free agent acquisitions? Add specific players if you'd like...

5. The NHL has a rule where if a player backs out of their mid-season All-Star game, they have to sit out the next regular season game as a punishment. Do you think some type of punishment should be handed down by the NFL for non-injured players who simply don't want to go?

Extra Credit: I think the Pro Bowl should become nothing more than a skills competition. What skills would you have the players perform? I'm thinking of those classic mid-to-late 90s QB challenges and awesome stuff like that. Who can forget watching Steve Young and Dan Marino in shorts and jerseys running around throwing chalked up footballs at moving targets in the offseason?! I'd still watch those over the Pro Bowl...