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Steelers ILB Vince Williams promises Bills RB, and brother, Karlos Williams a Super Bowl ticket if the Bills win

The Pittsburgh Steelers need to win in Week 17 and some help. That help needs to come from the Buffalo Bills, and Steelers ILB Vince Williams is calling in a favor.

John Grieshop/Getty Images

Earlier this week Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about his relationship with Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan. Tomlin said they were friends, but made it clear Ryan wouldn't be hearing from Tomlin in regards to the Steelers' lone playoff scenario to make the AFC Playoffs.

The Steelers need to beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17, and the Bills to beat the New York Jets in Orchard Park, NY to punch their ticket to the big dance which is the AFC postseason. Although Mike Tomlin won't be calling in any favors within the NFL coaching fraternity, there is another member of the Steelers who is certainly pulling out all the stops in hopes of the second half of the Steelers' playoff scenario coming to fruition.

Inside linebacker Vince Williams' brother, Karlos Williams, is a running back for the Bills, and Karlos' big brother Vince has offered him a pretty sweet deal if the Bills can beat the Jets in the regular season finale.

"I was like, 'Man, look, we're trying to go to the Super Bowl, bro," Vince told the Beaver County Times. "I told him I'd get him a [Super Bowl] ticket. I told him, 'You could go to the Super Bowl. It's not like y'all are going to be going."

Karlos will see an increased work load this Sunday with LeSean McCoy being ruled out of the Bills' final regular season game against their AFC East rivals. As for Karlos' response?

"(Karlos) said they're going to do their best," Vince said. "They're not packing it in. They really want to do a solid for Rex, too. Rex got fired (from New York) so I'm pretty sure they're looking forward to getting a little bit of payback for their head coach."

If Williams' proposal gives his brother, and the Bills, any extra motivation to pull off an upset in Week 17, and therefore make the Steelers' scenario come together, it is well worth it.