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Around the NFL: Johnny Manziel embroiled in controversy again

The biggest news in the AFC is that the Denver Broncos will take on the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl next Sunday. Other AFC teams have generated news recently as well.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos will attempt to defeat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl next week. As they prepare and much football coverage centers around the battle between the Panthers offensive juggernaut and the Broncos impenetrable defense, other AFC teams are making news as well. Here are a few recent top stories.

Cleveand Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel at the center of yet another incident

Johnny Manziel was the source of much news coverage on Saturday as it was reported that he had allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend in Fort Worth, Texas. Not surprisingly, the ex-girlfriend did not cooperate with the police investigation, but she did express concern over Manziel's well-being, at which point police began a search by helicopter. Hopefully, Manziel will use this offseason to get his life on a better trajectory.

San Diego Chargers plan to stay in San Diego for 2016

After speculation that the San Diego Chargers might join the St. Louis Rams in Los Angeles for the 2016 season, the team announced they are staying put for 2016. The Chargers finished dead last in the AFC West with a dismal record of 4-12.

New England Patriots showing interest in Ohio State receiver Braxton Miller

Braxton Miller made an incredible transition from quarterback to wide receiver during his time with Ohio State. Now, the New England Patriots are expressing interest in drafting Miller. The Patriots could benefit from Millers athleticism and playmaking abilities.

Former Bengals star Ickey Woods criticizes Bengals postseason play calling

Ickey Woods, a retired Bengals running back called out his former team for botching season by losing to the Steelers in the wildcard game. He complained via FoxSports:Still to this day, I don't know why we even ran a play. You take three knees, you kick a field goal and then they've got to go 80 yards to beat you. There aren't any timeouts left there, there's probably only 40 seconds left on the clock. And then Ben's shoulder was hurting so he couldn't throw the long ball. It was just a bad decision all around and it just seems like, hey, we just can't get over that hump. It's been a good 25 years now. They haven't won a playoff game since I played! That's been a while. It's rough being a Bengals fan."


Kansas City Chiefs sign TE Travis Kelce to long-term deal

The Chiefs just signed tight end Travis Kelce to a five-year, $46 million contract. With that deal, Kelce is now one of the top-paid tight ends in the NFL. In 2015 he totaled 875 yards off of 72 receptions.