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Former Steelers guard Alan Faneca a finalist for the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pittsburgh Steelers could have another player enter the hallowed halls of the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the second straight year. This time, it is guard Alan Faneca who is a finalist.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

In 2015, one of the Pittsburgh Steelers favorite sons was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The man who ran over defensive backs, Jerome Bettis, donned the gold jacket and got to see his bust adorned in Canton, Ohio's hallowed Hall for all of eternity.

In 2016, the man who made a lot of those running lanes possible could be joining him. Former Steelers guard Alan Faneca is a finalist for the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame, all in his first year of eligibility. Faneca played in Pittsburgh from 1998-2007, then a short stint with the New York Jets before ending his career with the Arizona Cardinals in 2010.

Faneca was a part of the legendary Super Bowl XL team who finally brought "one for the thumb" back to Pittsburgh. Other than his tremendous skill as a pulling guard, Faneca might also be most known for publicly voicing displeasure about having to play in front of a rookie quarterback in 2004 when Tommy Maddox was injured in a Week 2 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Little did he, or anyone else, know that rookie was Ben Roethlisberger and wouldn't lose another game that season until the AFC Championship game, and would lead the team to the Super Bowl in 2005.

Another player who spent time in the Steel City who was named a finalist was Kevin Greene. Green spent 1993-1995 in Pittsburgh, but is fondly remembered for his long blonde hair and creating a dynamic outside pass rushing duo with Greg Lloyd in the 'Blitzburgh' era.

The finalists won't find out their Hall of Fame fate until the day before Super Bowl 50 when the inductees are officially announced.