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Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown and David DeCastro named to NFL All-Pro Team

The Pittsburgh Steelers gain another member to their offense that has made an NFL All-Pro team, as well as a player who makes the team for the third consecutive year.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's official, the Pittsburgh Steelers have two players named to the 2015-2016 NFL All Pro team.

Antonio Brown is named to the All Pro team for the third consecutive season. While details as to first and second All-Pro teams have not been released, it would be safe to assume he would be in the first team considering he led the NFL in receptions, came second in yardage, scored ten touchdowns and was working with third and fourth string quarterbacks for a quarter of the season. This would make his second straight season on the NFL All-Pro first team as he was named to the second team in 2013.

Joining Antonio Brown is David DeCastro for his first ever selection as an NFL All-Pro player. This accompanies his first ever Pro Bowl selection as he became the anchor to Pittsburgh's offensive line in the absence of the team's four time All-Pro center, Maurkice Pouncey.

This make for the team's fourth player on the offensive side of the ball to be named to an NFL All-Pro team in their career. Outside of Poucey, Brown and DeCastro, Le'Veon Bell also made the All-Pro team in 2014. While Ben Roethlisberger has been selected to four Pro Bowls, he has yet to be named to an All-Pro team in his career.

Congratulations to both players on their stellar seasons, and good luck as they prepare to face the Cincinnati Bengals in the playoffs.