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Betting Line: Pittsburgh Steelers are heavy road favorites over the Miami Dolphins in Week 6

The 4-1 Steelers are traveling to the 1-4 Dolphins, and it should come as no surprise Pittsburgh is heavily favored to win...even on the road.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are traveling to South Beach this Sunday to play the Miami Dolphins in Week 6 NFL action. On paper, the 4-1 Steelers playing the 1-4 Dolphins looks like easy money, and in a straight up setting it might be. But what about with the odds? What is the betting line for the Steelers going on the road?

According to Las Vegas, the Steelers are heavy road favorites this week. How favored are they vs. Miami will depend on which sport book you prefer. Believe it or not, the opening line for this AFC matchup had the Steelers as 6.5-point favorites. Under a touchdown spread seems like easy money, and Vegas quickly adjusted their betting line for this game.

The line immediately jumped another point to 7-5 points, favoring Pittsburgh, but some spots are showing as high as a 9-point spread for the black and gold. Clearly, some fans will look at these numbers and still think to themselves, "This is easy money!" Well, it very well could be, but the home field advantage given spread (typically 2.5 to 3-points) makes the Steelers double-digit favorites in almost every Vegas sports book.

Many fans are suggesting this is the classic "trap game" for Pittsburgh. On the road, easy opponent with a tall task awaiting them the week following. Although this likely sinks into every fan's brains at some point leading up to kickoff, Vegas sees this game as the Steelers winning in a landslide.