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Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to unleash the Ferrari as Ladarius Green plans to return to practice next week

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense is already good, and it could be getting a whole lot better when Ladarius Green makes his debut in the black and gold.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Steelers signed former San Diego Chargers tight end Ladarius Green as a free agent, the fanbase and players were ecstatic. None more excited than quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The big-play quarterback envisioned those deep seam routes to Green which gave him a 14-yard average per catch in 2015.

When the Steelers signed Green, they knew he was coming off an ankle surgery which would hold him out until training camp. Throughout the offseason workouts of OTAs and minicamp, Green was a sponge taking in as much as he could without taking physical reps. Throughout this period, Roethlisberger compared him not being able to play to staring at a Ferrari locked up and not being able to drive it.

Well, despite Green's ankle not just keeping him out until training camp, but throughout the entire preseason and the first 6 games of the regular season on the PUP list, it might be time to get that Ferrari out of the impound lot and get it started up.

It was reported Wednesday that Green plans on returning to practice next week, the first week which he is allowed to return after being placed on the PUP list.

"I'm definitely excited to be back out there," Green told Ed Boutchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Wednesday.

With the conspiracy of headaches, and his ankle injury, behind him, Green is ready to get back where he belongs -- on the football field.

"Definitely, I've been sitting around too long. Everything is going really good."

Green isn't the only one excited to get back on the field. Both Roethlisberger and David DeCastro can't wait to see how his skill set can transform an already lethal offense.

"It's awesome, it's huge," DeCastro said. "The stories you hear about him and watching him on tape, he's a tremendous athlete. Anytime you get another weapon like that, someone else for Ben to get the ball to it's only going to help us out."

Said Roethlisberger, "He's a weapon, a vertical threat, a guy who can help stretch the field, create safety issues, open things up for other guys. So I think there's a lot of possibilities."

Some fans wondered if the Green would play again, after the rumors of him possibly contemplating retirement, or at least not play throughout the 2016 season, but it is a pleasure to see Green reportedly coming back to the football field.

It should be noted his return to the practice field doesn't necessarily mean he will return to play at that time, but rather could mean he has to work his way back to game shape, as well as timing with the Steelers' offense.

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