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Odds on the Pittsburgh Steelers winning Super Bowl 51, the AFC and the AFC North

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-1, and the 2016 season is becoming very promising. See the odds for them to win their division, the AFC and even Super Bowl 51.

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Anyone who doesn't believe the Pittsburgh Steelers have a legitimate chance at not just getting to the big dance in 2016 either root for a rival, or has their head in the sand. The Steelers, buoyed by a tremendous offense, are every bit the contender to win the AFC North, compete in the conference and even to claim their 7th Lombardi trophy by winning Super Bowl 51.

Despite being a website dedicated to everything black and gold, it doesn't mean there aren't others outside of the 412 area code who believe the same thing. One of the main believers in the Steelers would be those who create odds in Las Vegas.

Our friends at the Bovada sports book have released the latest odds for Pittsburgh. Take a look:

AFC North Odds

Pittsburgh Steelers 1/4
Baltimore Ravens 11/2
Cincinnati Bengals 15/2
Cleveland Browns Off the Board

AFC Odds

New England Patriots 7/4
Pittsburgh Steelers 3/1
Denver Broncos 11/2
Kansas City Chiefs 12/1
Oakland Raiders 12/1
Cincinnati Bengals 18/1
Houston Texans 18/1
Indianapolis Colts 18/1
Buffalo Bills 22/1
Baltimore Ravens 25/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 66/1
New York Jets 100/1
San Diego Chargers 100/1
Tennessee Titans 100/1
Miami Dolphins 200/1
Cleveland Browns 1500/1

Super Bowl 51 Odds (Top 10)

New England Patriots 7/2
Minnesota Vikings 7/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 7/1
Green Bay Packers 8/1
Seattle Seahawks 17/2
Denver Broncos 14/1
Atlanta Falcons 16/1
Dallas Cowboys 18/1
Arizona Cardinals 20/1
Oakland Raiders 25/1

So, do you like the Steelers' odds? If so, you might want to head to the window now, as they change by the week!