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Report: Steelers WR Sammie Coates dealing with fractured finger, as well as laceration

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been open about Sammie Coates' injury to his finger, but only partly open. Reports are circulating Coates actually is also dealing with a fracture in his finger as well as the cut.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers past three weeks have been forgettable in terms of injuries. In the past few weeks they have seen more and more players ruled out of the game following the final Friday practice report. Injuries, even the non severe variety, can put a damper on a team, and handicap their performance by missing vital pieces of the team on a weekly basis.

Entering the Week 6 game against the Miami Dolphins, the only player who's status is up in the air is budding wide receiver Sammie Coates. It has been well documented Coates dealt with a laceration on his hand in the first half of the Week 5 win over the New York Jets, but now it is being reported he is also dealing with a fracture to his finger as well.

The news isn't necessarily shocking, considering Coates missed every practice this week before finally hitting the field on Friday. He is listed as questionable, but the game-time decision will have a lot more to do with his ability to catch the football, not just with a laceration, but a fracture. A fracture will take time to heal, and if Coates can prove he can play through the pain, and still be effective, it should bode well for him to get through the next two weeks before the bye week.

Coates performed well in the second half of the game against the Jets, with the fracture and laceration, but he also had the hand numbed and stated he couldn't really feel the hand. The medical team might have to do that again, if he can play without risking further injury.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest injury news and updates surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers.