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Colin Cowherd takes shot at the Pittsburgh Steelers, and specifically Mike Tomlin

The Pittsburgh Steelers have opened themselves up to criticism, and Colin Cowherd went after the black and gold, but more specifically Mike Tomlin after their Week 7 loss.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Someone who does a multi-hour radio show by themselves has to make things interesting. No one wants to hear someone essentially talk to themselves for 3 or more hours, so you have to find a way to make your show engaging. For FOX Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd, formerly of "The Herd" on ESPN Radio, using the global fan base of the Pittsburgh Steelers is never a bad thing.

With the Steelers limping into the bye week, both literally and figuratively, Cowherd took to the airwaves to take verbal jabs not only at the Steelers, but more specifically, head coach Mike Tomlin. Check out some of his comments below.

As many fans will watch the clip and be furious over what was said, there will be a large majority who will agree with his sentiment. After all, he isn't just using his own personal feelings to base his opinion on, but fact. The Steelers haven't had a good record against losing teams under Tomlin, there is no denying that, but Cowherd goes a step further and talks about how people need to stop giving Tomlin a "pass".

This is where, in my opinion, his argument goes south. Anyone who follows the Steelers closely knows Tomlin rarely gets a "pass", as Cowherd suggests. Tomlin is harshly criticized even when he wins, and it can be relentless when he loses. Nonetheless, Tomlin's record, and subsequent reputation, in certain situations has become a wart on the franchise, and Cowherd certainly brought this to a national audience on his radio show.