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Early odds have the Steelers as heavy favorites over the Jets in Week 5

Coming off a big win over the Chiefs in Week 4, the Pittsburgh Steelers are considered heavy home favorites against the Jets in Week 5.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 5 when the New York Jets travel to Heinz Field to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, there couldn't be two teams who are headed in different directions. The Steelers are coming off a thrilling 43-14 win in Week 4 over the Kansas City Chiefs, while the Jets are coming off back-to-back losses to both the Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks.

Being that the game is at Heinz Field, and the Jets' 1-3 record, it shouldn't be a shock to anyone the Steelers are favorites in this contest, but just how many points they are favored is certainly worth discussing. Las Vegas certainly likes the Steelers in this matchup.

As always, the home team is spotted at the minimum 2.5-points to 3-point advantage. With that said, the Steelers are 7-point favorites across the board. In other words, they are 4-point favorites with the home field advantage attached. When you look at it that way, it might not be as big a spread as many think. This could be the fact the Steelers have been inconsistent this season, but also how the Jets have a very solid team and are likely to put up a tremendous fight on the road when they badly need the win.

Either way, Steelers fans are talking about the potential "let down" game which has come up to bite the team the past few seasons. In 2015 it was the horrible loss to the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field, and 2014 had losses to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, Cleveland Browns and a Mike Vick led Jets team.

Time can erase all wounds, and the Steelers can put a stamp on their 2016 season by playing duplicating their Week 4 performance against the Jets on Sunday.